Using GLPI to submit HelpDesk Tickets: 16

    Using GLPI to submit HelpDesk Tickets

    Download file "Using GLPI to submit Helpdesk Tickets.pdf"

    GLPI is our HelpDesk System –

    It is our method of submitting reports about problems with computers, printers or other technology equipment as well as for making requests for technology setup, software installs and many other technology related work requests.

    Submitting to GLPI is very simple:

    1. Open your web browser and go to http://sentinel.cape.k12.me.us/glpi or just click this address.

    2. Login with the same username and password you use to log into your computer


    3. You should see the following page after login:


    4. Please complete the following options:

    • Priority – Leave as is. Priority is assigned and dealt with by the Technology Department.
    • Inform me about the action(s) taken – when this is YES it means you will receive an email from the system when follow‐ups are posted or when the job is closed.
    • Hardware Type – Choose your computer if listed under ‘My Devices’ – Otherwise leave as general.

    • Category – Select the most relevant category for the problem you are having. This helps us to categorize problems and can run reports to see, for example, how many batteries have needed repacing.
    • Title – Something simple such as ‘Computer will not turn on’
    • In the big box under Title enter as much information as needed to describe the problem. The more information you can give us helps us to potentially solve the issue sooner. Include any steps you may have already taken to try to resolve the issue yourself and any error messages that you may receive.

    5. Once you hit SUBMIT MESSAGE you should get an email with the contents of your ticket, and it will be logged into our system.


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